Reid Williams at the Corner Pub (Oct 19th, 2011)

Live Bootlegs

Reid Williams of No Don’t Stop set out to kick off the Bleached Bones Tour at the Corner Pub in Vancouver, British Columbia on Oct 19th, 2011. Reid started out the evening with a cover of Wilco’s “Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard” and continued to grab the crowd’s attention with a stripped down set full of No Don’t Stop songs. View the YouTube playlist or select a track from below.

The tour blog can be found at

Bob Dylan’s 49th Beard (Wilco)
Grizzly Coast (No Don’t Stop)
Smooth Ride to D-Town (No Don’t Stop)
Miss November (No Don’t Stop)
Moonlight Inn (No Don’t Stop)
Armadillos (No Don’t Stop)
Tom Waits Said That (No Don’t Stop)
Buzzard Banjo (No Don’t Stop)

Deader Than Heaven (No Don’t Stop)
Strychnine Stripmall (No Don’t Stop)
Good Place To Sleep (No Don’t Stop)
Road To Glory (No Don’t Stop)
Bake You A Cake (No Don’t Stop)
Torch (No Don’t Stop)

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