Buck 65 (Live at Reflections) April 27th, 2012

Live Bootlegs

While visiting the East Coast of Canada I had the opportunity to check out an intimate performance by Buck 65 at Reflections Cabaret in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Check out this acoustic version of Blood of a Young Wolf and view the playlist here to see performances of Paper Airplanes, Zombie Delight, Pants on Fire, Wicked and Weird, 463 and more.

After the show was over I stumbled across a few locals rhyming on the street. Check out their performance below. If you recognize these artists, please post their names in the comments section.

The Hidden Tracks making Rabbit Stew

Soundcloud, The Hidden Tracks, Video

While recording a nightmare at West Isle Studios, The Hidden Tracks mustered up this ten minute sound check. Here is the making of Rabbit Stew. This track was released on The Hidden Tracks “extrumentals” LP in October of 2010. For more sounds and obscurities check out The Hidden Tracks at FreeDumbMedia.net.

The Hidden Tracks at West Isle Studios

FreeDumbMedia, The Hidden Tracks, Video

The Hidden Tracks stumbled upon an opportunity to record a few demos at West Isle Studios in Lake Cowichan, British Columbia. These sessions lasted 3 days and proved that The Hidden Tracks’ creations are not to be interrupted and therefore they did not enjoy the company of the engineer or his anxiety. Here are a few clips from those sessions.

Punk Off (sample)