300th Public YouTube Upload – No Don’t Stop

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Today DDT celebrates 300 public uploads on YouTube with the release of No Don’t Stop performing Bleached Bones and Lookout Girl at Jacob Hokanson‘s Solo Art Show.

Check out the playlists below for more videos and live performances from No Don’t Stop.

Buck 65 (Live at Reflections) April 27th, 2012

Live Bootlegs

While visiting the East Coast of Canada I had the opportunity to check out an intimate performance by Buck 65 at Reflections Cabaret in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Check out this acoustic version of Blood of a Young Wolf and view the playlist here to see performances of Paper Airplanes, Zombie Delight, Pants on Fire, Wicked and Weird, 463 and more.

After the show was over I stumbled across a few locals rhyming on the street. Check out their performance below. If you recognize these artists, please post their names in the comments section.

Public Enemy (Live at Element) May 18, 2010

Live Bootlegs

I finally had the opportunity to witness the legendary Public Enemy live on stage at Element in Victoria, British Columbia. Unfortunately Flavor Flav was not able to make an appearance but Chuck D rocked the house with the S1W’s, DJ Lord and a full rock band behind him. Check out the video below to hear Chuck D speak out about hip hop music in our culture and view the playlist to hear some classic musical performances revised with a band.